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  Brad Taylor

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Brad Taylor of Tree Top Turkeys possesses one of the largest digitally recorded libraries of real wild turkeys taken in their natural habitat. All recordings you hear on Tree 

Top Turkeys products are 100% real wild turkeys recorded and unprovoked, in the woods. These turkeys have not been provoked and are not responding to man-made calling, instead they are communicating with each other, in their natural habitat.

Brad started competing in turkey calling contests in the early nineties. A short time later he began recording his time in the turkey woods, so he could listen to the calls any time, any place. He did this with the hope of honing his skills as a caller and hunter.

In 2004 Brad founded Tree Top Turkeys, and released Volume 1 to the public. Two other projects followed, and Tree Top Turkeys gained national recognition in the hunting industry.

In 2005 Brad was honored to be invited to judge at the NWTF Grand Nationals Calling Championships. Since then, he judges many of the major turkey calling contests each year, including the World Championships and the US Open.

Brad also travels and speaks at many venues each year, sharing his love for turkey hunting and his knowledge of the wild turkeys vocabulary. If you are interested in having Brad to speak at your event and share his very interesting multimedia presentation, please contact Brad at the info above.

What are people saying?

"Successful turkey hunter’s today need an edge. By listening to the real wild turkeys in Tree Top Turkeys, the hunter can learn how to speak and talk the language and begin to truly communicate with the wild turkey. Wild turkeys have many subtleties in their vocabulary; these sounds need to become ingrained in the hunter’s calling, the only way this can happen is by listening to real wild turkeys constantly."

Denny Gulvas, Gulvas Wildlife Adventures

"When I listen to Tree Top Turkeys, the hair on the back of my neck stands up and my trigger finger gets itchy!"

Ernie Calandrelli, Quaker Boy Game Calls