Split Decision—

The most popular call in our line up. This versatile 3-1/2 reed call made from consistent measured 3 mil latex can be used to duplicate all the calls of a wild turkey.
7.50 (Each)

Final Verdict—

This call is a very raspy call that emulates the cutting, cackles, and yelps of an old, raspy, dominate boss hen. Final Verdict puts the perfect higher pitch into a raspy call that is pure boss hen sound. 3 reeds of premium latex cut as a split “V”, and sure to help deliver the death sentence. (3-reed Split “V” Cut)
$7.50 (Each)

No Mercy—

A call that is traditionally used for the Kee Kee Run, but more and more callers are using as their main “go to” call for all yelping, cutting, cackles, and well as whistles. This call delivers a crisp, clear, whistle perfect for the Kee Kee. This 3-reed ghost cut call will have No Mercy on that ol’ gobbler. (3-reed Ghost Cut)
$7.50 Each


The Trinity— (3 Pack)

Package that conatins the Split Decision, Final Verdict and No Mercy Mouth Calls
Only $17.99 For The Pack

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