My story began 20 years ago in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  Just the kind of place where a boy can get dirty and chase lots of critters.  I’m a good ol’ boy who was born to hunt. If it has fur or feathers there‘s a good chance I have chased it . 
I’m proud of my roots and where I come from , I’m blessed to be where I’m at and I’m excited about where I’m going.  I got my start in the hunting industry by winning  a local turkey calling contest, and from there I started guiding and filming hunts.  Since then it’s snow balled ever since taking me to many states all over this great land representing many names in the hunting industry .Hunting  has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people along my way. Other than my folks, my hero’s include a long list of great Americans. From the men and women of our Armed Forces who have given all of us the freedom to do what we do.  To Ted Nugent  and Chuck Adams. These are the types of folks that inspire me to do the things I do and be who I am. 
All in all I’m just an everyday redneck who is obsessed with being outdoors and getting close to critters.