Zac Taylor of Judgment Game Calls has been in the woods and involved in the turkey hunting industry under the expert watch of his dad, Brad Taylor, since the time a .410 kicked like a mule. He is an avid turkey hunter, and an obsessive archer.  He enjoys every aspect and hobby the outdoors has to offer, but his passion for turkey hunting is so severe that his attention for any other game animal is immediately deterred at the sight or sound of a turkey.

Zac’s judge in the outdoors is the wild turkey. The wild turkey has an incredible way of shaping a man into an expert hunter very quickly with their keen eye and sharp wit. In order for a man to be a successful turkey hunter, he must learn quickly from his mistakes and mishaps, and that is exactly what Zac tries his best to do in the turkey woods year in and year out.
Aside from the outdoors, Zac’s ultimate judge in life is The Judge, his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord has called Zac into vocational ministry, and Zac has been pursuing that calling on the collegiate level at Liberty University for the past few years. Aside from hunting, Zac’s first passion is the work of the Lord. God has gifted him in the areas of preaching and singing. He has a fire in his bones for sharing the Gospel of Christ with all, and from any platform, but particularly to outdoorsmen, and from the platform of the outdoors God has provided him.